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The Netball Girls Stretching Exercise Needs to be Done

Netball is becoming a very popular sport for men and women in various countries. In addition, children can also have fun playing sports like that. Therefore, individuals may find a netball ball field in their community. Some sports centers even invest to create indoor and outdoor field. And, individuals may also find a different playing surface. But, to enjoy a fun game with your friends or loved ones, it's important that you do not loosen up before each game.

Stretching can sometimes be boring. However, stretching before the game can give you many benefits. For one, this will help you warm your muscles, which can improve your body movements. Furthermore, stretching exercises can also help you focus on the game as you can concentrate while stretching. And stretching can also help you reduce injuries. Some of the injuries that may be experienced by individuals are damaged knee ligaments and jammed fingers. Not to mention, because of the high-speed game game, some individuals may also have a sprained ankle. So, if you play with a netball girl team, you need to try this stretching exercise below.

Dynamic stretching

Dynamic stretching is one of the most popular exercises a netball player needs to do. Dynamic stretching activates the stretch reflex and adjusts the body to coordinate neuromuscular movements. In addition, this type of stretching can also reduce the risk of injury and improve player performance. Some of the most common dynamic stretching individuals can do is bend the knees, walk heels, squats, kicks, stem rotations and swing legs and arms.

Static Body Stretching

The next popular stretching individual can be performed before the lower-body static netball game. Static stretching reduces muscle pain after exercise or games. Plus, it also extends muscle flexibility beyond the familiar range of motion. This is possible because the muscle stretching group of the lower body of the body is subjected to the most pressure or load during the game.

Upper-Body Static Stretching

Finally, individuals can also opt for upper-body static stretching. This type of stretching also helps individuals to decrease the soreness of the upper back, shoulders, chest and arms. This type of stretching is also ideal after a light cardiovascular activity. With this type of stretching, individuals can improve their performance during the game which will help them win.

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