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This fear is my Sports Fellow

Competition is good, just as fear is good - if you will use it to your advantage instead of letting it use you. Fear can make us confused to make mistakes, to be uncertain, and to worry, but the fear used to our advantage can push us toward greatness. This is a double-edged sword. Because fear is internal, you have it, it's yours to use as you wish, if you ignore it, it may hurt you, if you use it, it can help you, give you an edge, especially in competition. How can I know this?

Well, it should be an experienced competitor in a human effort or athlete to understand exactly what I'm saying, but if you need more examples to help you understand this concept better, keep reading.

Recently, I read an interesting article online and watched a great video sponsored by Expert Sports Performance, the video entitled: "How a Frightened Athlete," by Loren Fogelman, a well-known sports psychologist.

In my view, I believe that Fear is an extraordinary thing, a great human soul driver, but Loren Fogelman reminds me of the truth that: "it motivates some people and stops others who die in their tracks," which is a fact.

However, I believe that if FEAR stops someone from achieving or causing them to choke on pressure, then I will submit to you that:

1.) They do not understand what fear is; and,
2.) They do not use FEAR as an adrenal shot for peak performance

All right, I say; too bad for them, if they compete against me or my team. Fear can be a disadvantage if you let it, or high-octane when you need it, YOU decide where. "It's all in your head" I always say it. Anyway, that's how I see it. A good book to read is: "Feel the Fear and Do It!" published in the 80s as a motivational type book.

As a competitive runner, I used to imagine footsteps behind me and ready to get through. Interestingly enough, I'm a pretty good athlete that does not happen much, but when it does happen it's a voice you never forget. This imagination during competitive races encouraged me to keep going or increase my speed to open a big gap between me and the other runners. Sometimes when I practice even today, I'll listen to my legs crashing down the path and picking up echo sounds and amplifying them in my brain to simulate the ever-feared steps, prompting me to run faster and faster.

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