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How to Get Your Child Interested in Sports or Physical Activity

Children should get at least one hour of physical activity per day. That's at least absolute. When I was a kid, we spent a lot of time walking outdoors so there was never a question for just an hour, but now, with phones, TV and iPad, getting kids out there can be a challenge.

So how do we make children more active in everyday life? After raising 4 of my own children, I can recommend some of my top tips.

Find out what they really are interested in

You could be a hardcore baseball fan with your child's dream of becoming the next big star, but please do not let your projections determine their future. They may go to baseball just to please you, but they will not enjoy it if in their true passion is for tennis, for example. Do not force your child to do something they really do not want to do.

I encourage you to try all the different sports, even things that may be strange to you. Listen to your child and watch them, see what they think is the best and positively encourage them to continue.

Do not compare

I would not recommend comparing your child with others, "Billy is very good at playing basketball, he plays every day, why can not you be more like him?" This is an almost sure-fire way for your child to let go of basketball altogether. No one likes to be criticized. Instead, why not find a positive and encouraging way to encourage your child to play sports.

Teach by attitude

It is not surprising that children see their parents. If you tell them, "You have to exercise every day" but do not do it yourself, maybe they just do not want to listen to you. See if they can join you during your workout, be a morning of yoga on the beach or bike ride at night. They will be happy to spend time with you and will feel more natural if they are active if you are also active.

Got a dog?

If you have a dog at home, see if you can make your child the main pedestrian of the house. Make them feel important, say that it is their "dog" or that they are doing this job the best. Half an hour in the morning and half an hour at night - a great way to get them moving.

If you do not have a dog, encourage your child to walk or cycle anywhere. Not only is it better for the environment, something I really like, but it will also keep them fit.

Build a tree house

If you have a garden in your home, why not build a tree house? Children love making things, and when they're done they'll stay active by climbing them. If you can not own a tree house, why not hang a rope on a thicker branch and encourage your children to climb them? You can even get into a game, like a treasure hunt, with one of the clues on the rope.

Do something different

Very few people like routines, especially children who can not sit still for long. If you make them do ballet everyday for 6 months, they may get bored and lose interest. However, if you vary things occasionally, they will never know what will happen next and will be happy with the new adventure.

Maybe you can try new things every weekend, like surfing, rock climbing, tree adventure parks, trampolining, horse riding - anything you can think of. Make it a fun day. Your children will see new places and stay active in the process.

Sport class

Did you know that many gyms now have classes for children? They are performed in the form of games, such as jumping over obstacles. This allows children to have fun because they do not see it as a task, and fit at the same time. Not only that, but if you go with them to do your own thing, you will teach by example that going to the gym is a good thing to do.

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