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How to Improve Culture and Team Attitudes

Three must-do trainers to improve the team culture. These three things make the players buy the system, create a receiving environment, and build a hard work hope.

Getting players to buy a coach system can be a complicated process when it comes to athletic college level. This can happen because players come from all over the country and have been trained by different trainers throughout their lives. We will use baseball as an example. Nowadays, the majority of baseball players are the products of individual hitting coaches, infield trainers, or pitching coaches and these trainers believe their style is the best style. These players buy this coach philosophy because it makes them to the college level. Now, college coaches want to change something about players and players are reluctant to change because their college coach idea is not the same as their hit coach or pitching coach growing up. In order for coaches to get their players to buy, they have to make the players understand why the system works that way. The coach needs to have a meeting with the players and explain to them that we are doing this exercise because helping "X" and then "X" will help us become a better player. If players do not understand why they are doing what they are doing, then they have no chance to buy what the coach believes. Another thing that the coach needs to do is to show their players successful results because of the system they run. They should show players the current stats and videos of older players who played for them. For new coaches, they should show them statistics and video teams that run systems similar to what the new coach is trying to implement. My head coach at ISU holds meetings at the beginning of each year and tells us the new exercises we're going to do and explains each exercise. It helps my teammates trust my coach and this creates a sense of trust among players who know that everyone is on the same page working towards the same goal.

The reception environment is important for player learning and development. A player who feels threatened and unimportant is much more likely to fail than to succeed. A player in a safe and accepting environment will be open to new ideas and will bounce back from failure faster because they know if they fail to try, they will not be punished, but are praised for having tried. One way to create a receiving environment is to be a supportive leader rather than an achievement-oriented leader. A leader who emphasizes results rather than processes can create unnecessary pressure on players. Baseball is a game where failure occurs much more than success. Coach who preaches hit every time will make players press more matches. This will make the player tense in the in-game situation because the player knows that if he is not hit by a punch he will be punished or yelled at. The coach who preaches hit the ball out loud does not care if it's a punch or punch will make the player feel more comfortable in the dough box, which will produce a harder ball, which will eventually end up with more hits for the team. The process is much more valuable in baseball than the result.

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